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If you are logged in and cannot contribute to a post then you may need to join the ‘club’ for the game area you are in. Made a snapshot and reinstalled all my old apps and everything is working just fine. Played BF4 for 40 hours, iv got kicked for that around 3 times. This is on the steam version btw. Just update your Punkbuster, or better still uninstall it and reinstall it, go to evenbalance. There is no pattern here.

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Keyboard Das Keyboard Ultimate.

Did you read the link i posted, to see what everyone else is doing about it? Try day walkersNL tips and see if it helps. I’m going to launch and see what happens. Then a 30 hour download for the game.

Punkbuster Problem – Activision Community

Posted January 12, Posted January 6, Battlefield 4 Discussion Search In. A code is classified as an “Attempted PunkBuster Hack”.

Distributed Computing – General. GCC And you know what? That is likely why it isn’t working. This is getting ridiculous. It just doesn’t look right if nothing is here. Got kicked twice already today and am going to stop playing until disaklowed not risking getting permanently banned by PB. I’m running the game on Steam; I did a google search that said to uncheck “Show Steam community in game”, but that didn’t seem to help.


Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Which, in this case, is 1: That was my initial thought as well, and I purged all extraneous services and browser addons I could find which lead me down the hole of checking the PB log and drilling into services. In the mean time I think I may have more of a chance with you guys. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? In order ptogram be able to post messages on the Overclock. Now I tried Battlefield 4 and played for over 40 minutes, 2 full games and didn’t get kicked.

No macros or anything, just ease of access. Turn off your cheats and you will be fine for play. Anyway after researching the PB forums, the fix is to turn off the steam overlay and it worked for me.

This programme allowed me to start uninstalling programme after programme but does a registry scan after each uninstall to check if nothing is left behind. Must be a program I have installed, but its not running, so eff if I know which one. If you do not want to register, fill this field only and the name will be used as user name for your post.


Sign up for free! Anyone know what else could be the problem?

pb kick disallowed program driver

Posted January 4, Cobra Cobra 4 years ago 2 Played BF4 for 40 hours, iv got kicked for that around 3 times. Boozerbear Boozerbear 7 years ago 4 This didn’t work for me but I found that if I turned off steam community in game in my steam settings then it worked fine. So it seems that for whatever reason, Punkbuster is testing for heartbeats on a service that it removed itself.