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Our current Free Prizedraw!! This has the side-effect of disabling key repeats for the remote entirely. Review controls Readers comments Print this review Watch this article link to this review. Toggle navigation DVB Dream. For example, while sitting in germany, you could watch brazilian or japanese tv stations. It is not safe to rely on the system’s timezone settings.

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TerraTec Cinergy T USB XXS – LinuxTVWiki

As an example a minute recording took up 0. Agree or disagree, or just have a question?

Views Read View source View history. As we have come to expect with Terratec products, opening the box reveals a collection of items.

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Recent v4l-dvb hg repo code Date: At the opposite end to the USB connector is a socket for attaching an aerial.

So each 2nd keypress will be suppressed. You can record programs instantly or set up a schedule via the easy-to-use EPG facility. Member prize-draws Real reviews – by real people Membership is free Email summary of the weeks reviews Share your product feedback with others Keep in touch with all that’s new in gadgets Full of great ideas as the Christmas deadline looms! Your computer promptly comes out of standby or hibernation mode when needed and then goes back into hibernation once the recording is completed.


A third method involves using the remote control device. November 28, – i2c errors. The order of channels can be rearranged and their names edited plus you can activate the supplied trial subscription to the tvtv service which provides EPG Electronic Program Guide facilities with up to three weeks of advanced details that consists of descriptions and images along with search capabilities.

The integrated electronic program guide assists you in programming.

With TerraTec home cinema, powerful TV software for time shifting TV programs and digital recording with edit function is included in the scope of delivery.

Not only do you get numerous buttons on the remote that will keep you experimenting for long periods but also the ability to load and control other multimedia type applications that are recognised by the remote control software.

Additional innovations, such as automatic adjustment of the aspect ratio, recording of Dolby digital, video text and subtitles, individually adjustable lists of favorites genre, location as well as picture-in-picture and network streaming make it easy and convenient to experience the many benefits of watching TV on your computer.

Folders and file formats can be set for recording video and still images. Add values to turn on multiple debugging categories. Once this process has been completed you can install and run the supplied Terratec Home Cinema software.


Toggle navigation DVB Dream. Unlike other USB television tuner products I have looked at recently, this Terratec unit comes with a full-sized remote control.

TerraTec Cinergy T USB XXS HD

This page has been accessed 58, times. Forside Hardware Controllerkort m. Users may wish to continue to use 1. The patches, as mentioned above, may not work, but a workaround is possilbe.

TERRATEC Cinergy T USB XXS – digital TV tuner – USB

Use a text link, or download an image. See device specific section below or try [7]. You could watch television channels of other countries. Possible regression of a driver bug raised dxs Ubuntu running 2.

You can set the language to be used and make adjustments to the user interface. But there is still the problem cniergy the key repeats for it, so that each keypress will be repeated twice. In X you can use xev to find the keycodes and xmodmap to map them to useful symbols.

Din konto Log af. Alternatively there is a patch for the kernel driver that solves it, it can be found here.