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As I said previously, if this copier is using the internal Canon printer board then it will support Canon’s UFR2 printer language by default. I’m at wit’s end. I am able to verify that all the expected features printing through OS X’s or Adobe’s print dialogs work just fine. I also notice on the “General” tab, that the driver version is 2. All of which have not worked for me. If you have already tried this then please reply. Hi Rob, Thanks for your quick reply.

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Is anyone successfully using Snow Leopard to print to T1?

I also notice on the “General” tab, that the driver version is 2. You said the driver is “optimized” for v2.

The driver we are using on OSX Since going to Thanks in advance for any assistance, printer gurus! This is becoming a major problem for me, and Canon’s ham-handed support is infuriating. We have five OSX If you don’t see PS then check one of the Is the problem happening from the same application on all Macs? If I watch CWS, the job shows up in the queue, status goes from “Processing” to “Printed” very quickly, with no actual “Printing” step that I see when I print from other systems.


Jun 7, 2: It’s possible that the V2. We will release an updated version of MP Navigator. Posted on Jun 4, danon For a Mac running User profile for user: Please check your private messages.

Unless I am missing something, this driver is seriously borked, and I am now at the mercy of Canon. Then, if the Print dialog box has a [Printer info] button, acquire the printer information.: Printing a test page through this driver is fine. Select Open from the menu window and then click Open.

No printer driver for the Mac OS 10.6 for Fiery imagePRESS C1

The SnowLeopard work stations are routing their print oe by sending them to the Leopard The reason I ask is that this is the same IP as used by the Fiery on the Interface between the Fiery and the copier the private network.

I highly recommend this update as there were many fixes included in this version.

Guess this will have to be my workflow until Ow can get a Canon guy out here. If anyone has ideas, settings, terminal commands, third party CUPs drivers, code blocks I have reached out to Efi only to be directed to the Tech Forums.

ImagePress T1 Server with C1 Printer in Snow Leopard [Archive] – EFI Fiery Forums

We shared the printer from another mac and added that printer to the Leopard machines. Now I can’t avoid it as our office will be migrating workstations to Snow Leopard. Jun 7, 3: Based on your information so far I don’t think it is using a Fiery but for the sake of problem solving, check the back of the copier for either the imagePASS-T1 a white metal box that would be attached to the back or the external imagePRESS-Q1, which has two cables connecting between the copier and itself.


By the way, I have looked at other recipes and yes: Let’s work through this driver issue for SnowLeopard.

imagePRESS C1 Support

Mailboxes are also setup for our legal staff and our finance staff, and those are password protected for their eyes only. However, I don’t wish to sit here and only complain. I am also the only one in my group that has thus far upgraded to