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At the time of writing, this was linux-backports-modules-cw It may lead to unexpected errors which may be hard to solve for a novice user. In case multiple devices are listed, locate the device concerned. In this answer I’m assuming you’re familiar with at least the following tasks: Run rfkill list in a terminal.

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See the Hardware requiring special care section at the bottom to see if your device chipset is listed. Please help me save time and guide me what to do, step by step. In this answer I’m assuming you’re familiar with at least the following tasks: In the near future, a 3. Install both linux-firmware and linux-firmware-nonfree packages, e.

Run sudo lshw -C network in a terminal. If they were the right drivers, then your wifi will immediately start working. Some mainstream adapters appear to be utterly broken in Linux support, while others just require some simple steps to get it to work. This is a less harmless deup and may break other stuff.

EDUP broadcom wireless lan pci card 4 | Had no success googl… | Flickr

Most vendors just use chipsets from manufacturers like Broadcom, Atheros, Ralink or Intel while the product itself may not carry this name. Other Ubuntu versions you’ve tried. At the time of writing, this was linux-backports-modules-cw Avoid using keywords unrelated to hardware support.


Wireless LAN Soft blocked: After applying all updates, reboot. By using wirelfss site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. If not, just continue.

These are some obvious, sane and harmless steps to take, avoiding the ones listed in Things to avoid if possible. Stability and performance are usually reported as low. Get the machine connected to the internet. Install them all at once by issuing e. Thanks for the great answer. See also How do I update Ubuntu? However, some steps may be helpful in case you’re running into them and looking for other options. This ‘wrapper’ around Windows drivers should be tried as a last resort only, as it’s very wirelesss to emulate a Windows environment on Linux for hardware drivers.

If that fails to remove the soft block, run sudo rfkill unblock all. Regardless of sources list. It’s hard to undo all the changes done by sudo make install in case you want to revert your actions.


Preferably, try one directly attached to your mainbord, avoiding hubs or your computer case’s connectors. In case you’re running an LTS release e.

EDUP Wifi Driver – Windows

Check for output mentioning unable to enumerate USB device. If it does work, the easiest approach is to simply wait for the new release. Follow all steps below, as your problem may be two- or three-fold: Go to Identifying the exact hardware and see if you can see some error messages when you plug in your device.

Refer to How do I install additional drivers? Not happy about them being mutually exclusive on my Yoga 3. Preparation In this answer I’m assuming you’re familiar with at least the following tasks: