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They love the dining experience and we love the shopping experience. My romantic interest in the trip was to discover, in a sense it was to do in reverse what I see as the migration in salt making technology. We have added a few other things — chocolate, which I love, cocktail bitters, fresh-cut flowers — really elemental things that are personal passions. The trip was an adventure like that for weeks on end. So immediately just took the nearest things closest to us at the time, which was wine and vermouths and cocktails on one end and chocolate on another just to round out the shop and so it just fell together.

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And that gives you a core toolbox of salts that will just knock every single dish out of the park. Tell me about that.

You get palate fatigued really fast so you end up drinking a lot of water eating a lot of salt. If you have a box of iodized table salt or kosher salt at home, be aware that those are actually refined chemicals that come out of a giant chemical factory. We basically had some bittrman the worst weather that anyone had ever seen, stopped over in Cornwall, finally made the dash over the channel to a beautiful ancient totally woe begotten fishing village.

Each store is kind of its own personal place. Going from an inexpensive salt to a natural, balanced high-quality salt is like going from a fiftieth of a penny or a twentieth of a penny per serving to maybe a penny a serving.

Mark Bitterman – Wikipedia

So Venetian salt making technology found its way across the Mediterranean and some of the, by example, existing salt works in present day Sicily. And the reason is that salt is necessary to make flavor come out of vegetables. So can someone get away with having just one, all-purpose salt in their kitchen?


Was it writing a book? I was uniquely passionate about something that no-one happened to know anything about. I like people, I like travel, I like art, I like culture in general, I like conversation and so food is this medium that lets you parse any one of those subjects and have fun with it.

So I think I really was, maybe I was sort of a wandering poet without the poetry. I found this difference to be really stimulating and exciting.

Meet Mark Bitterman of Bitterman Salts

I really do and I think that they eat out bitterjan. Mark has been developing recipes and consulting with various chefs, restaurants, and culinary institutions since Then try some coarse, chunky sel gris on top of that. So each one of those salts will have the character that will elevate and complement whatever foods there are. Maybe all the time, yeah.

I was not going to quit my job, I was working for myself publishing a newsletter and I just put my salts in there and she put flowers in there and the salt took off and within months I was full time selling salt and running this business and that was as much of a surprise to me as anybody out there and right from there, the moment I was doing that I was talking about food, I was talking about my life experience in food and travel, day in, day out.

Cocktail Cure-Alls and Miracle Elixirs: So the stuff in France is made by taking water from the ocean, which is about 3. The restaurants in this town have become ridiculous. Did you feel like it made an impact in New York?


bittermaan Portland, OR selmelier themeadow. Do you consult with a bittefman of chefs, do you talk to a lot of chefs in your line of work? Some salts are these kind of shimmering, arctic blue-white, some of them are flaky and silvery, some of them are evaporated by boiling water out of salt sand, some of them are made by dropping water through bamboo cylinders and boiling air over it to evaporate off the water.


Put a light sprinkling of salt on both sides of the steak and let it stand for maybe 45 minutes. So I have lots of little chutneys and hot sauces and relishes and jams, and I use those things to add complexity to my food. Yes the food came from the travel. I opened up in Portland in and then in New York in and then we just opened up a new shop in north west Portland last year.

Where I was traveling I bought motorcycles and traveled all over on those, I met friends and traveled with them. You need enough dry sunny days. In my childhood I would always take long hikes. It just took modern day mining techniques to be able to really get at it more bitterkan.