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I think companies will tend to favor a shaft that is has slightly more torque than less, even though it is suppose to be aimed towards a player that wants low spin, low launch. I did not miss a fairway…. Also shop in Also shop in. The crown has a few ball marks and other sma And PING always has these options available for an upcharge http: But really if I did get an i20 I would immediately put an after market Mitsubishi Ahina 72gr shaft in stiff and let that baby rip. The stiffs are and the X are grams.

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The irons are even better!!!!!!

Ping i20 Irons Review – Golfalot

Looking forward to purchasing one used. Just got back from a 2 week trip to Mexico and when from a 7 handicap to scratch, playing every day.

Is this the appology for not listing PING in your state of the game article? As you might gather from my handicap, I am rather inconsistent, but when I relax and simply stroke the i20 off the tee with no effort, it flies to about the metre mark.

PING i20 Irons Review

So it should have a stiffer tip than AWT. I had never hit a Ping iron, unless you count my eye2 knock-offs in high school but I loved the i I have played with them a couple times a month for last several years.


I still love mine. I have the V2 as well and found it to be better performing that anything put out by Ping or anyone else up to this point.

I like the ball flight of the s56 and read in another thread of a fella when on LM hit the bdst very well but consistanly about degrees higher than bext s Haven’t hit the driver, but I bought the i20 3-wood with the tfc shaft. Both sets hit it high so that is not much difference.

i220 Edited by topr, 30 January – Agressive swings were a no no and I was prone to hooking the ball or worse still the occasional high slice to the right. Tom S 3 years ago. I have a project x shaft in my driver and a in my 3 wood. The folks who are saying it is a Christmas movie appear to be doing it tongue-and-cheek for the most part. From the previous i15, there is more bounce in the heel to decrease digging, a slightly blunted leading edge, and a little trailing edge relief.

PING i20 3-PW Iron Set with Graphite Shafts

Steve has let me keep the fitting club demo that I have been using, which I am extremely grateful. With the i20s lower the center of gravity, the clubhead wants to deflect down into the ground when impacting the ball, so these design changes allow the club to glide through the ground, taking nice shallow divots. I felt like I had to swing really hard with the whiteboard so I went with the Fubuki. Posted May 14, The risks of acquiring counterfeit goods, product unavailability, low stock,inadequate service and fraud are best avoided by dealing with Ping Authorized Retailers.


Mild marks; a few sc I had a fit out today and they are by far the best clubs i have used. Originally Posted by saevel25 I am kinda shocked they didn’t put a better golf shaft in that club. It’s funny how much shots feel differently and go farther by hitting the middle of the club, and applying less effort. Testing was done using 9. This iron set has been played with great frequency. Lie Yellow – 1. Treating others the way you want to be treated is the key component to preservation of our goals.

These clubs are more forgiving shaaft have greater distance than Callaway Razr that I owned. I would really like to have tried the other shaft but it wasn’t available at the time.

Only problem, in 3 years I have had the black back weight fall out of 2 irons. Dec 13, 44 Comments.