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This button selects the function on the display panel corresponding directly above the F2 key. The computer to which the scanner is connected. To resolve this issue: Repacking The Scanner If there is no risk of losing such important information, please follow the procedure below: To view your scanner’s model number, turn the scanner on or, if already on, press the CLEAR button on the front panel. Lifting Skimmer Flag

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Always remove the ink cartridge and slide the imprinter to one of the four endorsing locations when not in use. Secure it behind the lock pin. Open the transport 2. Exact settings may vary, depending on the type of documents being scanned Go back to copiscaj VRS Profile tab, click Save As, enter a name to reflect your new default color settingand then click OK Step 4 – Ensure Optimal Image Viewing When scanning in color, your PC display properties should ideally be set to howeol Color 32 bit ” or “High Color 16 bit ” at a minimum for optimal image viewing quality.

This roller holds back all but the top document in the stack of documents.


This is very useful when having image problems while using certain profiles. Removing The Feeder Extension Tray How can the first scanned image of a batch be viewed before passing the image to the application?


Set Brightness for White Saturation When scanning documents in color mode with white backgrounds, like standard office-use paper referred to as “bond”you’ll want to set VRS to retain a bright uniform white, also known as saturated white, in your images instead of what may appear to be an off-white or a light gray.

Testing The Imprint String Anaheim, California, United States.

Bowe Bell Howell Copiscan 8000 Plus Flatbed Scanner

You may also install VRS 4. Rear Of Scanner Copiscan Spectrum Operator Manual Rear of Scanner Components on the back of the scanner allow it to interface to a power source and to the host PC, enable power-up and power-down, and help cool the scanner during operation.

Inspect the shipping cartons and their contents for any signs of damage. VRS also immediately recovers document multifeeds without requiring the operator to rescan the entire batch.

Bell And Howell Copiscan Plus Series Manuals

Batch Counter Reset Additionally, users can minimize the risk of this limitation occurring by making sure all documents are centered prior to scanning. When the cipiscan receives a scan command from the application software running on your PC, the scanner takes one document at time from the stack into its transport system. The multifeed detector can be set on the scanner to Stop, Notify, or Ignore the error. Priming The Print Cartridge It should take about 15 minutes to install the scanner.


Bell And Howell Copiscan 8000 Spectrum Operator’s Manual

Some basic settings that affect the throughput of your scanner speed, rated in pages per minute PPM include: Color Dropout Filter Most good quality scanners or better will last three to five years.

If you still see black borders around the image, take a look at the black background bar for dust or dirt. The feeder is made of stainless steel and plastic and protrudes at a slight angle from the front of the scanner. Front View Of Scanner Various Positions Of The Figure Windows 98 SE,NT 4. When creating the registry key, for best results, copy or cut and paste, with care, this data.

Seller information varitekinc If you follow the correct procedure, you should have your Spectrum unit fully installed within 15 minutes. Installation Copiscan Spectrum Operator Manual 4. This can be set in the following way: Push down on the right end of the glass and slide the glass to the right until you see the edge of the glass flat on the left side.