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Comment 2 Joe Acosta Comment 1 Harald Hoyer Instead, it is a list of those drives that were originally identified as problem drives by Ghost technical support. Please properly read the error message above. Its a fairly new cdrw. Starting new track at sector:

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Philips 8x4x32 IDE Internal CD R/rw Read & Write Drive

If the problems persists, then file a bug for the component “kernel”. Please let me know if I should move this elsewhere.

No write mode specified. Its a fairly new cdrw.

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Identifying your drive To identify the drive that is installed in your system, follow the appropriate directions below, then look through the drive lists for the matching Inquiry String. The related Linux kernel interface code seems to be unmaintained. I was lucky, mine was updatable via dos.

Please properly read the error message above. I’m now running FC 4 and still have this problem. This list is not an all-inclusive list of compatible drives.


If your drive does not appear on this list, it does not mean that the drive will not work with Ghost. For a discussion of this topic, see the documents: Using ATA Packet interface.

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I tried that and received no error message; the writing process took much shorter than usual. I am wondering if the problem is really in cdrecord itself and not the kernel as I have similar problems with my SCSI ztapi. This version is an unofficial modified version with DVD support Note: Browse Requests Reports Product Dashboard. The author of cdrecord should not be bothered with problems in this version.

CD-R/RW Compatibility List

Comment 8 Joe Acosta Comment 4 Russell Erw These drives were tested, and Ghost was updated to work with all of them. To find the drive manufacturer and the model number, consult your computer’s documentation.

Comment 3 Joe Acosta In general, Ghost is meant to work with all current and newly released drives. Some drives don’t like fixation in dummy mode.


Comment 5 Joe Acosta Usually the cd-r is hozed and cannot be used anymore. If possible try seeing if cs is a new firmware for the drive and upgrade the firmware.

Did you try recent update kernels and update cdrecord? You may need a windows machine to do the firmware update. The drives listed in this section have been tested with Ghost and proven to function correctly.

Please send bug reports or support requests to http: Comment 1 Harald Hoyer Waiting for reader process to fill input buffer Continuing in 5 seconds DVD-RW is cf supported.