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The design of the PCB was also the best of the group with positive side locking that looked like it might survive a few changes. Yeah, must be stoned. Yes, my password is: Unfortunately, its not exactly what Im affording. So I end here. Painful and Rewarding by Wesley Fink on February 28, 7:

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In its favor, the Asus was the only SLI board that allowed you to change the setup from “normal” to “SLI” without having to first remove aus video card.

I have enough Hardware certifications and experience to go through the BIOS Setup and know exactly what every single parameter means. So, I have told you how to resolve your Uab 2.

Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe – Finally Available: Nine Socket Athlon64 Motherboards!

It is dluxe enough that two top-end video cards require 4 Molex connectors to power them, but on the Asus board you also have to connect another 4-pin Molex for additional video card power. Asus says that this is required for “stable SLI operation”, but the other 3 SLI designs do fine and are quite stable without the 5th power connector.

Lately, Asus has stood at or near the top in overclocking, but that has been truer of Asus Intel solutions than those for AMD.

Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Well, I fixed the USB 2. Log in or Sign up. But as you will see in the roundup, there are better choices among the SLI boards available.


I am curious, bc I am wondering if my Northbridge has taken ysb damage or something.

Re: Please Help! Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe USB issue

The Southbridge controls the slow stuff, like floppy, if you still use one, serial and parrallel ports, etc. Unfortunately, its not exactly what Im affording. When I tried a reinstalled, it came up as already installed, so I only had a repair or remove option. Aug 12, Messages: Last edited by a moderator: Your name or email address: I had to uninstall first as I said, so I did read.

But be warned that another problem may come up, most especially if you are using an old and no longer supported printer. The feature set and Deluxe name are generally reserved for Asus a8n-slj their “notch-down” boards, which might indicate that Asus has plans for a top-line Premium board in the future.

I also want to know what happened to my USB and controller. We have commented before that Asus pays close attention to the layout of their motherboards, and that also shows in the A8N-SLI Deluxe. The first thing that happened a year after a bought this pretty good motherboard, with aeus few exceptions, is that the chipset fan sitting on the Northbridge chipset of the motherboard died. Yeah, must be stoned. If anyone has suggestion, or has had a similiar problem and knows how to fix it, even if it is that you got solid proof of a failing Northbridge and had to replace the motherboard and CPU, as they dont havent used socket MBs in a very long time.


Painful and Rewarding by Wesley Fink on February 28, 7: Firewire is also a, or Firewirewhen Asus uses Firewire on their recent Intel boards. Plus, a8n-li is a new, Unknown Hardware Device listed. Do you already have an account?

Add to this below-average overclocking abilities and the problems experienced with our Ultra cards on just the Asus board, and it is hard to get too excited about this particular Asus board. So I uninstalled this completely, and reinstalled it, which is usually ssus first step in any list of things to try and fix any hardware or driver problem.

If it didnt, you could program the ZBoard software. I rigged a replacement.

As you will see later in our overclocking test, however, this capability is basically wasted, since this Asus is not a particularly good overclocker. Only problem is that when it reaches the part telling you to connect the printer via Printer Port or USB Port, no matter how many times I unplug and replug it in, it says it cannot see the printer, and gives the option of installing the driver anyway.