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Analog Lab gives you the sound of 17 great instruments in a simplified and more accessible way. Analog Lab is your one stop shop for ultimate keyboard creativity. You can access it from the Device menu. Inverse drawbar mode for use with organ plug-ins. Take your favorite sound further Once you find that perfect sound in Analog Lab, you might want to start exploring more parameters and diving a little deeper into what makes that sound so special. Works in Standalone, VST 2. It keeps the strengths of the original KeyLab while offering a new limited-edition black matte finish.

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SparkLE and Spark can be updated as well.

Best of all, Live Lite is fully compatible with KeyLab Essential, with every knob, fader, and pad automatically assigned to the most important features. It returns all data including pad calibration to default Improvements: A Scene contains a pattern or a chain for Sequencer 1, Sequencer 2 and Drum that can be instantly recalled. Straightforward editing, with a complete array of parameters for tweaking sounds, directly assigned to the controls of the KeyLab All presets are carefully selected from the Arturia V Collection Fast preset sorting to find your sound quickly: FREE iLok account – not necessarily an iLok dongle, just a free account Internet connection for the license activation.

You can even save the presets you need for a gig into a playlist to step through during your sets.

The fiery leads, voluptuous pads, vivid sequences and abyssal basses of Analog Lab will let you discover the keyboard addict that is within you. Track your ideas, layer kaboratory sounds, apply effects, warp your audio, and take full control of its in-built drum machines and software effects to create full, complete tracks.


Assign melodic phrases based on advanced arpeggiation thanks to the library of melodies organized by genres. This KeyLab is about to redefine the focal point of your studio.


Our hybrid approach of combining a professional-quality MIDI controller with our Analog Lab software gives the discerning musician the feel of a hardware instrument, but with the power and integration that can only be had via software. It keeps the strengths of the original KeyLab while offering a new limited-edition black matte finish. Fast Ties get applied after a short time.

No more crash on old CPUs No more crash when removing the plugin from a track in FL Studio 20 on macOs Favorites are now recalled correctly Cubase bypass function now works properly Faders and encoders now stop moving after your release them in Reason No more delay when moving a linked parameter VU meter calibration is now properly recalled in DAWs No more issue when automating toggle parameters in AAX V 1.

Analog Experience THE LABORATORY

Synth string sounds and pads are in its DNA, but that only begins to describe this marvelous instrument. Simply connect KeyLab 49 to Analog Lab and you can put your mouse away, enjoying the same workflow as with a traditional hardware synthesizer.

This unmistakable sound is the legacy of more than years of history, captured with the best recording equipment in the best conditions. BeatStep Pro V 2. Improves tuning when using polyphony. One of the most amazing features of Analog Lab is that, as a V Collection owner, you can choose to open up an Analog Lab preset in its native virtual instrument.


For more information, check the KeyLab product pages. From abstract textures, to atmospheric stabs, to fat basslines ,to aggressive leads. Brumz N’ Dass FR. If you’d like to take a closer look at how KeyLab controls the features of Live, check out our handy guide.

Arturia – Details

Better timing stability when slaved to Apple Logic’s clock. Already set up for your favorite hardware Analog Lab presets surface the most common controls you might want to get your hands on arturix tweak your sound or control liveā€”like the drawbars on a B-3 V lagoratory the filter controls of a Matrix V.

This premium controller gives the fullest access to our Analog Laboratory software; its pre-assigned controls making it the perfect solution for plug and play sound creation. With Prophet-V you can dive into a limitless sound palette that draws from the infinite resources of subtractive synthesis, digital wave-table and vector synthesis. We already took care of this. Edit your sounds on the original instruments within Analog Lab.

BeatStep firmware V 1.

Presets loading is now properly handled Pro Tools: The notification frequency can be changed in the settings view See the release notes for the latest versions of the software Add setting to change the download directory Add setting to automatically remove installers after a successful install Send usage data to help improve Arturia software.

Analog Lab 2 V 2.