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This printer could print at forty characters per second. They didn’t like the slow-ness so they bought a new LW. Used the video and the print quality went way up on all 3 printers, but the one that had been the dirtest still had a very slight fade. The Silentype was a thermal printer , which used a special paper and provided 80 column output. It is a bear to get access to the back side to clean it. This website is using cookies. It describes your problem exactly.

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I got some hand-me-down printers that were fading on the right side. Am I correct in assuming that you did this on your own without purchasing the extremely detailed video procedure? What I don’t understand is: I have to find a quiet moment to take it apart, and work my way thru the above manual, along with some Q tips and a bit of alchohol- which is the only other sort of advice I have seen around.

I took the assembly apart to look at the lamp and it appears to be OK. I have to decide whether to keep this printer and buy some toner or go with a USB printer. How is the Gold Competency Level Attained? Current printer on Zpple is Personal Laserwriter I never know if a printed page will be good; and what does print is so mixed up that I couldn’t arrange it myself that “well” in a graphics program!


Apple LaserWriter Select 360 Standard Laser Printer

Looks like a great source of parts! Stuck because cannot distinguish between dc controller boards. Can’t do it through Windows. They are both exactly the same. The paper tray has a pin on each side and drop into computr shallow well in the closed position. Offers graphics [4] [6] [7]. Can you applw out a test page without turn on your computer? It is supposed to automatically go out and display how many pages it has printed.

When the printer prints on paper from the manual feed the alignment is perfect. You can either simplify the job or go into printer properties and select a lower dpi setting. Everytime I do printing, a few blotched lines appear on the paper. If you tap the paple of the tray, it will loosen it up and knock it out the front.

I didn’t feel like updating the bios so I just got a different computer. The Silentype was a thermal printerapppe used a special paper and provided 80 column output.


Apple Laserwriter Select (16MB RAM upgrade) – front | Flickr

Subscription auto-renews at the end of the term Learn more. I checked the manual already, but still confused me. Wife uses an older Mac with Appletalk. Retrieved March 6, I’ve never seen a thermal fuse go on that model, so I doubt that would be the problem.

Or turn the printer upside down, I bet that would work perfectly. As for the test page when I turn the printer on it was disabled, nor does it print out the test page once it is added as a printer in XP; it just gets an error.

Retrieved August 29, I just recived this printer as a handme down and my only complaint is its soooo slow I love my old Select ! I’ve even laserwrkter the command prompt to make it print and that works. Electronic printing and publishing: I am guessing a sensor is not sensing the cartridge.

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