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I sent that case, but I knew it worked on Linux. Legal issues on the intellectual property I suppose it what’s the issue here. Hi, I would be very much interested in that as well. Logic Pro X, Windows 8. Its apple buying emagic that got me to dump macs.

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When they came out with logic 7 they dropped os 9 support. Any time they want, they make you buy new hardware The remote web interface also works exactly as before. Hope this AMT8 info helps someone else? If W10 users continue to launch any out I might try to pick up another unit if I can.

Amazingly, to my surprise and joy, it looks as though there may be light at the end of this tunnel?

Emagic AMT8 USB driver for Windows 10 [Archive] – Cockos Incorporated Forums

I’ve yet to hook amr8 Pi back to another host [my lappy] but I’m sure there are ways and means. You must be logged in to post a a,t8. All replies Drop Down menu. This panel was made to edit the 32 standalone patches of the Emagic AMT8 midi-interface. I’ve located this compressed file http: What you can do, and what I am currently doing, is running a VirtualBox with WindowsXP to configure the interface and then use it as a stand alone merger box.


Had a dual boot Mac. Hi, Man if you can get it to work in 64 bit anything windows I would buy you a case of beer.

It would take maybe one day to put the drivers out.

Ask a question Reset. Haven’t touched the stuff in many years now: These work fine in macos right now because apple made amt driver for them.

The LED indicating message traffic on the Atm8 interface is working, but the active patch remains in the initial configuration. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

One project I have is for a small and very portable recording rig for acoustic jams that’s easy to use and bomb proof. No idea, why the app hung!

Just don’t ask how to do this on Windows. So here’s to my virtual pint! I’ve used the EMI audio interfaces for years after they became obsolete. Did you obtain the source code?

Emagic AMT8 standalone patch editor – Ctrlr

A gent from gearslutz talked to the guy that orig did the driver Yep, its the 64 bit thing. Cp these work in a similar x as the EMI audio interfaces, this isn’t a driver, but a firmware loader.


User profile for user: I sent that case, but I knew it worked on Linux. Currently only the routing matrix is implemented — i still have to decode the filtering matrix messages, i will add those once i figure it out.

Emagic AMT8 standalone patch editor

But now I have started to run a home studio and the Unitor is a very helpful device for patching and routing all the midi units. Hi Reaperites, I’ve done my first level of searches without success so I’d be grateful for some guidance please?

The Pi is a 64 bit device I believe? I haven’t gone further yet to hook up a midi device however, my initial test looks encouraging enough to me to keep me motivated towards my goal. Not seeing the attached device on my machine just yet but off to try aamt8 locate the registry hack I saw yesterday and didn’t copy to my favs: