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The worse examples of this are on the gameboy. On the hardware front, I have several synthesizers along with a Creamware Pulsar 2 soundcard which acts as a mixing desk. Allister has one of the largest portfolio’s in gaming history. The Piano Collection by Chris Huelsbeck. Ian Monsen go to album. Allister’s third solo album. If you like Allister Brimble, you may also like:.

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Allister Brimble – Wikipedia

I hadn’t been payed for this either. Is this a continuing problem i wonder. I already loved Machinae Supremacy’s versions of Chris’ music. I went on to produce some of my best music for them, such as Project X and Alienbreed.

Or browse results titled:. The more channels you use, the more CPU time is used and the games you are writing for will suffer from slowdown problems.

It was very flexible. The GBA actually only has 2 sample channels, half the amount of the Amiga’s. Tim Miller was very impressed with the Aegis Sonix demo’s and decided to use me for a game called Four Soccer Simswhich was released a few years later as Italia The Amiga Works by Allister Brimble. A developer contacts me first requesting a style. Hmm, how did you know about that?!

Allister Brimble

The early C64 musicians set the standard by which others such as myself had to follow. He has composed music for games since on the Commodore 64, Amiga, Nintendo 64, Playstation and PC just to name a few.


You’ll need to build up your synth equipment slowly and practice for several years before you are able to produce the sort of quality that can be found in today’s best selling games. An Interview with Allister Brimble.

I recommend, that anyone new to games music starts with the CD formats first. It contains completely new and up to date versions of many of his popular Amiga game soundtracks, and was initially funded via a Kickstarter Campaign.

I especially liked the way you could use hard sync and ring modulation to create really unusual effects. The third in the series, which again features studio versions of Amiga game soundtracks, two of which were performed by Allister.

During your many years as a musician have you ever been unfairly treated by a software company? I sent them a really dodgy demo made on Ubiks music which was basically a rip off of Rob Alljster War Title tune.

The Amiga Works | Allister Brimble

Clearly bitten by the home computer bug, Allister then bought a second hand Commodore allixter to see what all the fuss was about regarding its sound capabilities.

Allister’s 5th solo album. When you’re up to standard, send your demo’s on CD around to “The software development manager” to as many games companies as you can.


Induction by Tim Shiel. Expect to see an article in the near future reagrding this. The Great Giana Sisters turns me into a boy flying home after school to get back to the game.

The list of games he’s composed music for is ridiculously long and totally impressive. The other big difference is the amount you get payed for a project. OST for a documentary that explores the subculture of indie games and the folks who create them.

An Interview with Allister Brimble

Did you ever release a piece of music to a software house that you knew was sub-standard? Allister admits to Rob Hubbard being his biggest influence, and much of Rob’s best work was performed on a C If you like Allister Brimble, you may also like:. Hosting provided by Mythic-Beasts. Dominique Vandeputte As a high-backer of this initial Kickstarter project, I’m really glad to see Allister’s work appear on this beautiful platform.