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Here’s what I found:. Jul 13, Messages: The above command output many lines of text, which included the above 2 lines, so things are looking good at this point. An updated aacraid driver is also necessary. Here’s what I found:

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The response from this command appeared normal.

Here’s what I found:. I was in a hurry when putting it together and didn’t read the documentation beyond what was necessary at the time Which version of ESXi are you using?

One of the forums had an entry buried deep down within it, sexi mentioned creating a custom build of the ESXi installer, and yet it didnt have detailed instructions on HOW to zdaptec that. Create a copy of the standard image profile, using the -CloneProfile option: After following the prompts in the ESXi installer for a while, I got to the point where it detects the hard drives in the system.

Adaptec e experience in ESXi | ServeTheHome and Forums

Since the end of Aprilthe option of monitoring the state of an Adaptec RAID controller from an ESXi system has been available through the remote arcconf command line utility. Change the 6405 and acceptance level of the new image profile: Share This Page Tweet. Well, we picked one of these up as it seemed like the most useful thing we could stick in the x1 slot in our ESXi server Per the above point 4, I did the following: How is the cache configured?


Configure your server individually at www. After it was finally done, I took the USB stick, and put it into my new server. Use this file for the installation of the CIM provider.

Thomas-Krenn is a synonym for servers made in Germany. So this time I selected my Ubuntu Server. I found the following snippet HERE.

How did you installed the driver of this raid controller? That’s well beyond my troubleshooting abilities – maybe someone else will be able to help! So I downloaded that. It prompted me like this which was not in the Adaptec documentation: Does that eaxi sense? Hope that helps someone else – took up a couple of hours of my time blundering around.

ESXi and Adaptec e RAID controller – Level 7 Systems

After downloading the driver from: It just sat there, for the longest time doing nothing. The characters YE and K are affected by this issue.

In his spare time he enjoys playing the piano and training for a good result at the annual Linz marathon relay. Complete the VMware installation, following the on-screen instructions.


Here’s what I found: This however, is not possible any longer with only a trial license associated to a VMware Account. It worked, as it had done many times in the past.

Adaptec 6405e experience in ESXi

The vihostupdate commands now appears to be defunct and have been replaced by esxcli. I searched VMware’s web site for this, and was not able to find it on their web eaxi.

Export the custom ISO image: