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Abit continued their fine tradition of raising eyebrows when they released the BP6, an iBX motherboard that offered two, count ’em, 2 ready-fer-SMP Sockets. There is such a thing as too much however, and when it comes to bus speeds, I think Abit might want to either cut out some of those FSB speeds, or make the PCI divider adjustable. Ultimate Limits of Computers. I think there was some kind of limitation on CPU support, but it might be possible to run dual tualatin PIIIs using powerleap adapters. Let’s take a look at this monster. This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. Those cakes make you sick I tell

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DOS and Win9x can’t do it. We’ve tried to compartmentalize parts of this review to make it easy to navigate. I think there was some kind of limitation on CPU support, but it xbit be possible to run dual tualatin PIIIs using powerleap adapters. We’ve independently received so many questions about this mobo’s performance under these OSes that it had to be done.

Installing the drivers on these things always gives me a headache. Let’s take abkt look at this monster. We teamed up on this review because we knew that we could cover a lot of bases.


You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Whispers around the web. Just need to figure something out first, regarding shipment. Best to look close at photos before buying though. So what is ABIT betting the farm on? It’s BX based, so how can it be bad? Let’s take a look at what happens when the overclocking king meets the reality of the dual processing world He’s a shot from Abit’s site no need to reinvent the wheel with my DC yet: Those boards were a tour de force for the overclocking scene, and Abit has been riding on mind share and abir ever since.

I didn’t know anything about capacitors back then. Being able to tweak the voltage on both CPUs is a real bonus. I remember they had one unusual setting that I’ve never seen on other boards, which had a big effect on the memory speed.

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Ars Technica: Abit BP6 Dual Socket Motherboard – Page 1 – (8/99)

And even more importantly, should anyone spend any time trying to overclock it? Of course the manual does say the same thing about the overclocked FSB settings We know that many of you might not care about how the board works under the BeOS, so we’ll try to deal with issues one at a time.


I think that setting was exposed because they were pretty boldly implying support for the BX at MHz, so they wanted some recourse if it wasn’t stable.

But we wanted to take a different approach in our review. The Abit BP6 was an excellent board back in the days. Ultimate Limits of Computers. This site hosts no abandonware. When enabled, it dramatically reduced the memory bandwidth measured in memtest But we’ve talked about this before in History of Clock.

ABIT BP6 i440BX Dual Socket-370 ATX

Yes, Abit’s main attraction among the BX boards is their Softmenu. The purpose of the SoftMenu is to remove the need for jumpers and dipswitches on the motherboard. ATX Form Factor, built-in hardware monitor. With updated BX boards from those four companies and many more, and b6p a large portion of them featuring very ABIT-esque tweaking utilities i.