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Ping times varied from 80ms to ms. During this step the components of Cricket Broadband product are being installed onto your computer. You are going to have to get your VPN set up on your android phone, that will be the tricky part. As a bonus, the modem also works as a MicroSD card reader. I decided not to continue with this company. Drivers and software are on the device.

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The low-cost carrier’s new USB Broadband Modem A provides a few more features than the older UM model, although the new modem wasn’t any faster on my tests.

Yet it states the service period has to be at least 45days but also states must be returned within 30 days of purchase??? Press “2” for Cricket broadband. Cricket Broadband is a waste of your money.

Cricket A600 Wireless USB Mobile Broadband Modem AirCard 3g

A newer version of the modem’s firmware is already on the market that should solve those problems. Because of the outstanding customer service that Mr. Warranty Cricket or its authorized dealers. Before using the Cricket A, you Product Overview must properly install the modem by closely Thank you for purchasing Cricket A following the installation instructions.


Although the Y cable is not required for use with your Cricket A modem, it offers increased performance for your modem under certain operating conditions. September 4, – 9: I mean first off 4g is just a way to target people not well informed of the present technology. As long as your bandwidth demands are not exceedingly high, you should be happy with this modem. Click [Install] button to start installation. I am currently tryinga 3G service and so far it is much better.

To enable web-browser go to web site you defined using URL field below. Cricket gets you a decent connection for a fair price, and I think that is worth it.

Cricket A600 User Manual

They do not roam on Sprint or Verizon at all. I do use cricket in south jersey, I think their network may be one of the best implemented network around and their covarege is good. Web surfing still sucks but for 40 a month i dont really care. There are a number of readily available packages which extend the functionality of Go without re-inventing the wheel, so you […].

Cricket USB Broadband Modem A Mobile Phones – Review – PCMag UK

Some cricket modems will not work in the front USB drive of a pc like my pc that has windows xp. Page 9 S TEP 2: Double click ACD icon on the Desktop. Remember to tell the representative whether it is an old modem of yours and you have an inactive Cricket account, or bought the modem used and have no account. Your connection locally is issued a private network in the Windows will inform you of the criket Getting Started Windows hardware.


All in 6a00 not bad. Give the representative your city and state information.

Cricket Broadband dl up South Jersey area Vineland etc. Sometimes, I can predict that I will need it on a trip.

During this step the components of Cricket Broadband product are being installed onto your computer. When I wave the mouse over the V icon in the bottom of the screen the ip comes up as Cricket took hours to post it should have been done in 24 hours.

I saw one posting crkcket PPTP being blocked. You also get a microSD memory card slot, but like many slots in EV-DO modems it transfers files at about one-tenth the speed of a dedicated card reader. I finally got a refund.

Page 15 S TEP 7: