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Read the printed page and take appropriate actions. If you are connected to a network, make sure that the LAN cable is securely connected to the hub as well. The setting is selected in the [Page Setup] menu. If a device is not powered on or is in an error state, see the manual of the device to correct the problem. MonarchNet also allows for remote configuration of your printers. Check with your administrator.

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This software allows you to design formats for monarch printers. Are you using a type of paper tab paper, punch paper, etc. The machine must be connected to the same network as your PC. When 2-sided printing is performed, each page may be printed upside down depending on when the staple position setting.

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This may damage the hard drive or prnter the data being stored or received to be lost. Open the printer properties dialog box and click the [Auto Configuration] button on the [Options] tab.

Set the print orientation to match the image. Double-click the printer icon that appears at the lower right of the task bar, printet the [Printer] menu, and click [Cancel All Documents] or [Purge Print Documents]. When [IPsec Settings] is enabled in the setting mode, direct printing of a file in a shared folder may not be possible in your PC environment.


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However, when the paper can only be loaded in a fixed orientation, the image may be printed upside down. A function that has been prohibited by the administrator is specified. Finally, Background Suppression automatically removes unnecessary background colour. A3 wide 12″ x 18″min.

When the image size and paper size are the same but the orientations are different, the orientation of the pronter is automatically rotated to match the paper. Raster data such as bitmap images cannot be adjusted.

If the IP address is changed, reconfigure the port setting for the printer driver.

Nature of Business Manufacturer. If you are connected to a network, make sure that the LAN cable is securely connected to the hub as well.

Check the settings of the printer driver. When selecting print settings, select a print printrr from [Normal][High Quality]or [Fine]. When you need a very clear image, select [Fine]. If the machine’s printer driver does not appear in the list of available printer drivers, it may not be installed correctly.


A message will appear to confirm the cancelation. Find more suppliers in Guwahati Multifunction Printer in Guwahati.

Multifunction Office Machine in Kolkata. In this event, rotate the image degrees before printing.

Check whether the machine’s printer driver has been selected from the print window of the application. Check the PC settings.

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If [Fit To Paper Size] is selected, check the loaded paper and the paper size setting. Select the resolution in the [Advanced] menu of the print window.

The setting is selected in the [Paper Select] tab of the printer driver. Set the staple position correctly. Get Printe Price Request a quote. A3 11″ x 17″ First copy Full colour Check the IP address setting.